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Grand opening for this forum TBA in 2022. Massive uploads of scans in the Downloads section will be first priority.

I may try WordPress one last time in the near future, for easier navigation and viewing, as well as a comic reader system.

Currently hiring for mods and global mods, as well as 1 more admin to run this forum. APPLY NOW.

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Jo To

Global Forum Rules

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    If you want to be a productive member of society (cough this forum cough), you'll have to follow some rules. If you've been to many forums, and I'm sure you have, then it's pretty self-explanatory or you at least have common sense.

    1) Language - This is primarily an English-language forum. Please avoid making excessive posts in other languages. If you want to talk in some other language, that's what clubs and PMs are here for.

    2) Flaming/Harassment of others - Do not flame others on the board. If you have something important to say whether it's positive or negative, you are free to say it, but don't be an asshole about it.

    3) Regarding Offensive Images - This is an adult website forum, so we expect nudity and sex would be allowed. But there are some images which people may find offensive or disturbing, or some like scat and gore, which is degrading in itself. I strongly (and mandatorily) advise to use the spoiler function to hide such images. If this isn't done, staff may use discretion to remove that post.

    4) Do not link to any site you have a vested interest in, unless that site has actual content. Banner farms are not content. Likewise, do not post any referral links, or links that go through revenue-generating sites that add no other value, like Usercash. (RapidShare, Megaupload and sites like that, which host the actual content, are OK.) Any money making scheme posts or other sucker bait = instaban.

    5) You are not allowed to have more than one forums account at any given time. Furthermore, your account is yours and yours alone, and cannot be sold, given away, shared, or otherwise be used by other people. Violations of this rule can cause your account(s) to be closed and/or deleted without warning.

    6) Post in the Appropriate Forum - Self explanatory. Mis-posted posts may be moved to the correct forum or deleted at the moderator's discretion.

    7) Constant bumping of topics is not allowed. A "bump" is defined as just posting a message with the word "bump" or with the sole intention of moving a topic to the top of the forum while not contributing anything to it. Bumped topics may be closed or deleted at a moderator's discretion.

    8 ) Absolutely NO real images of nude children, or child porn. That will result in an instaban real fast. MUST be hand-drawn or CGi, because reasons.

    9) Images in signatures are maximum to 2, and a size of 200px height (width doesn't matter, although staff gets more). Images which could be disturbing, horrifying, or discontented are not allowed. Furthermore, any negativity of text in your signature will not be tolerated.

    10) There should be absolutely no violations of people's privacy. This goes for everyone. Posting of or linking to any personally identifiable information like names, phone numbers, addresses, social network profiles and so on is strictly prohibited. This also applies for your own personal information.

    11) You may appeal moderator punishments directly to an administrator, but persistent and extensive complaints about them, or insults targeting moderator and administrator staff, will lead to further bans, up to and including permanent expulsion from these forums.

    12) Only the Admin, a.k.a me, can appoint Moderators and Global Moderators to people that I see fit or have experience in other forums. Begging to be one constantly is just a way of telling me you're not deserving for it, so don't do it.

    13) This is not a codex that fully defines what you can and cannot do. Even if you are not in technical violation of a specific rule, if you go out of your way to be a nuisance, or your presence adds nothing but strife and negativity, staff may choose to remove you at their discretion.

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All files here are NOT hosted on this server. They're linked to third-party filehosting and torrent accounts that our members post.

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