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Grand opening for this forum TBA in 2022. Massive uploads of scans in the Downloads section will be first priority.

I may try WordPress one last time in the near future, for easier navigation and viewing, as well as a comic reader system.

Currently hiring for mods and global mods, as well as 1 more admin to run this forum. APPLY NOW.

  1. In General

    The global forum rules and own forum's rules can be find here. Read before doing ANYTHING in this community. This is also the place for tech support for the community.

    You can find the rules and guidelines of a club made by the Club Leader(s) here.

  2. Q&A


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    Ask questions. (Sometime) get answers.

  3. So Just Talk...


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    Uh....chat much?

    The place for current and worldwide events, political b.s, social media, and breaking news. Fake news, however, is not allowed here.


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    So, um, yeah.....just sports talk.

  4. Scanlations, Scanlators, Translators, and Commissions

    In here, information about people that are translators and/or editors, either by freelance or in a group. You can also find upcoming info on if s/he or they are recruiting people, working projects, and everything else.

    Find freelance scanners and scangroups here, as well as tutorials on how to scan, debind, clean, etc., as well as upcoming projects they have or plan to have. If you're also looking for something that's not on the Internet but don't have the time scanning (or you're just lazy) you can commission people here to scan on your behalf.

  5. Founder's Downloads

    Not really a forum to download, but one that shows a file's metadata and re-directs you to a place that you CAN download from.

    Just news of forum maintenance, not that it's worth your time.

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    • So, about myself I used to be a lurker like most people here from 2007 to current, but there were a lot of books out there (starting from 2011) that never got scanned anywhere else and I got sick and tired of waiting, so I begin to start scanning. I used to rip CGs from eroges in 2011-2013; I stopped in 2013 because I didn't have EVERY tool available, didn't know jack shit about python, certain tools on cmd couldn't work (thank you Windows 7), and tool creators not giving a fucking shit abou
    • If you're using the New Carbon theme, every 6 months I'll change all 6 images....3 anime and 3 digital-ish...so basically, in March and October. So, until October comes around, you guys can post, in this thread, high-res pics, and at close to the end of September, I'll choose 18 of them and make a poll that will last until the first of October. Whichever top six places of that poll will be what I'll put as background. There are some guidelines though: Digital or anime only Characte
    • Yeah, really late on doing this, but who you'll think will win the Men's? Women's?
    • What can or do you expect is going to happen in the 2022th year?


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