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Grand opening for this forum TBA in 2022. Massive uploads of scans in the Downloads section will be first priority.

I may try WordPress one last time in the near future, for easier navigation and viewing, as well as a comic reader system.

Currently hiring for mods and global mods, as well as 1 more admin to run this forum. APPLY NOW.


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  1. Moderator Position

    This position I'm only accepting 3, maybe 4 moderators to monitor the community and enforce rules, warn members of them breaking the rules, and help out with the rest of the people. Basically it's like having the same powers as a Global minus the ability to ban people lol. When this community gets larger I may alter the position a bit and let people moderate whatever section of the forum they want instead of the whole site, but that's a long future ahead...

    Position: Moderator

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0


  2. Global Mod Position

    I'm hiring about 4 people in position to be a Global Mod. If you had experience being one in other forums, then it's pretty much you have a sense of what I'm expecting out of you for this community. For those that haven't but want to try anyway, I'm looking for:
    A good contributor One who can regulate good rules to set out to the people of this site One that can enforce and lay down the law when need to And one that can make quick decisions, attain accuracy, and is a good helper to people Upon completion, an admin will review your application and will PM you to see if you're accepted or not.

    Position: Global Mod

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0


  3. Admin Application

    I'm looking for a substitute admin to monitor the forums when I'm not on, or is busy with basically life stuff.  I want a person who has years of forum/site experience of [insert forum staff] and one that I know I can trust, and one who will contribute to this starting community. Are you that person?  

    Position: Administrator

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0



All files here are NOT hosted on this server. They're linked to third-party filehosting and torrent accounts that our members post.

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The Wall of Shame (for people that're banned)


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