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Grand opening for this forum TBA in 2022. Massive uploads of scans in the Downloads section will be first priority.

I may try WordPress one last time in the near future, for easier navigation and viewing, as well as a comic reader system.

Currently hiring for mods and global mods, as well as 1 more admin to run this forum. APPLY NOW.

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    My Shop

    So, about myself I used to be a lurker like most people here from 2007 to current, but there were a lot of books out there (starting from 2011) that never got scanned anywhere else and I got sick and tired of waiting, so I begin to start scanning. I used to rip CGs from eroges in 2011-2013; I stopped in 2013 because I didn't have EVERY tool available, didn't know jack shit about python, certain tools on cmd couldn't work (thank you Windows 7), and tool creators not giving a fucking shit about helping me amateurs like me, but now I've returned to ripping CGs this year. Still don't have a lot of tools though, definitely not any tools that can auto-merge DIY shit. I can also extract a lot of shit from websites using BID or certain Chrome extensions, as well as other software to mass rip sites like Pixiv, boorus, Twitter, etc. I use an EPSON v600 Photo scanner recently, although I used to had one in the past before it got fucked up. If you know a good document camera scanner (one that won't blow off my usb ports) please inform me. My current scans are 600dpi grey and color on TIFF, cleaned, straightened, and cropped on Photoshop, converted to PNG (JPG for color) in Caesium and compressed in PNGyu. Commissioning I can commission through the following sites - Toranoana - Melonbooks - Suruga-ya - Mandarake (barely) - Booth - DL-Site Toranoana and Melonbooks have their own separate warehouses that can ship items internationally. Suruga-ya (com, not jp) also ships internationally but suspended shipping to US because fucking Covid. Mandarake ships internationally but you should know that. I dunno about the last two. How to Commission Me Toranoana ------------ I order your list, then wait about 5-7 days or less until they ship out to their warehouse. Once their warehouse gets them, it is they that sends me the invoice (that I send to you) the cost of BOTH your book order and cost of overseas shipping by either boat or DHL (they're the only two available because, again, Covid). Once paid, the warehouse ships them out the next day and I should receive them 2-3 days later. Mandarake -------------------------------- I order your list. They send me the invoice for your book order and overseas shipping. You send me the $$$ via PayPal and then it takes 1-2 days to transfer that to my bank. Once that's paid they can ship out the next day. Suruga-ya.co.jp, Melonbooks, Alicebooks, K-books ---------------------------------------------------------- This requires the use of a deputy service as they will be the ones to pay the items (with your $$) on your behalf as well as receive the items to ship them to you. I order your items to them and wait until they reply back with how much the order will cost which I then inform you. Once you give me payment that I give to them, they can order. Once ordered, it can take a matter of days (or weeks....especially in suruga-ya's case) until I have any news from the deputy service. When they receive your items, they send me the invoice for how much overseas shipping is gonna be which I give to you, and once you send me money for that that I give to them, they can ship out your items the next day. Depending on which overseas shipping method used it can take 3-5 days before I receive them. DL-Site and Booth -------- It should be possible for you to buy from DLSite using your own debit/credit cards but if you can't because reasons of fear from your bank or country's government, or they just don't work at all, you can rely on me. Commission Fee Since I am the scanning, cleaning, and uploading, this counts as actual work, so I should get something for my services as well. Here's my fees: - $0.20 per page of a doujin (example 1 60-page doujin x 20 cents = $12) - $0.08 per page of a manga or tankoubon (example a 200-page tank x 8 cents = $16) - $0.25 per page of an illustrated artbook (example 124-page x 25 cents = $31) Method of Payment I Accept PayPal Xoom (it's supposed to be a PayPal alternative but can only send money; also I believe no registration needed) Google Pay Zelle binance.us (But only USD. There's NO way to transfer BTC to USD)
  4. If you're using the New Carbon theme, every 6 months I'll change all 6 images....3 anime and 3 digital-ish...so basically, in March and October. So, until October comes around, you guys can post, in this thread, high-res pics, and at close to the end of September, I'll choose 18 of them and make a poll that will last until the first of October. Whichever top six places of that poll will be what I'll put as background. There are some guidelines though: Digital or anime only Characters must be original Background must be landscaped No watermarks
  5. Yeah, really late on doing this, but who you'll think will win the Men's? Women's?
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    The Year 2022

    What can or do you expect is going to happen in the 2022th year?
  8. Who'll you think will be in SB 2022 and which team will win?
  9. View File [REDSOX (Miura Takehiro)] REDSOX VOL.5 “Gunyou Mikan” (Darkstalkers) [2nd Edition] Other Downloads h5ai OneDrive Filegator Nyaa Download Download Download n/a Submitter Jo To Submitted 12/07/21 Category Doujins Alternative Title [REDSOX (三浦武大)] REDSOX VOL.5 「軍用みかん」 (ヴァンパイア セイヴァー) [第二版] Convention 1995 Nen Haru Revo Number of Pages 26  
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    Other Downloads h5ai OneDrive Filegator Nyaa Download Download Download n/a
  11. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0

    This position I'm only accepting 3, maybe 4 moderators to monitor the community and enforce rules, warn members of them breaking the rules, and help out with the rest of the people. Basically it's like having the same powers as a Global minus the ability to ban people lol. When this community gets larger I may alter the position a bit and let people moderate whatever section of the forum they want instead of the whole site, but that's a long future ahead...
  12. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0

    I'm hiring about 4 people in position to be a Global Mod. If you had experience being one in other forums, then it's pretty much you have a sense of what I'm expecting out of you for this community. For those that haven't but want to try anyway, I'm looking for: A good contributor One who can regulate good rules to set out to the people of this site One that can enforce and lay down the law when need to And one that can make quick decisions, attain accuracy, and is a good helper to people Upon completion, an admin will review your application and will PM you to see if you're accepted or not.
  13. Add link to your website if you have one (so we know what work you have done). Translators Editors Hybrid
  14. Want yours listed here? Make a post below, just your name, site(s), and a vague description. Below here will be a list of people who scanlate by themselves or are in part of a scanlation group, so we know what works they've done:
  15. 2 years gone by, and it seems the shit's getting worse...new variant, more people in hosipital beds, a lot more in death beds....what is wrong with this world?
  16. When I had 4.6, this editor didn't have that problem. I switched to 4.4 because more plugins and add-ons work in this version, but now this editor is becoming a problem. When I edit a post, the html tags pop up, and I don't want that. How do I get rid of them auto-showing up? Nevermind. Found the problem.
  17. Jo To

    The VGA Thread

    I don't know when the Video Game Awards is supposed to start, [hide]nor do I care because it's shit[/hide], but for those that have knowledge of this year's VGA, what categories and nominees are supposed to happen this year?
  18. Jo To

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  19. It's in my hometown of Indy, any of y'all going? I think I might if 1. tickets costs less and 2. Notre Dame's in it.
  20. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0

    I'm looking for a substitute admin to monitor the forums when I'm not on, or is busy with basically life stuff. I want a person who has years of forum/site experience of [insert forum staff] and one that I know I can trust, and one who will contribute to this starting community. Are you that person?
  21. Jo To

    Some Info

    This is just some info to get to know about the forum Q. What is this forum about? A. It's just another community for otakus and perverts can hang out, chat, download....fap a lot, I guess. Q. I see that this is a hentai forum. Why is it that? A. Because it's supposed to be a hentai forum? If you were expecting something else, you came to the wrong place. Q. Why Invision over others? A. Why the hell not? vB and Xenforo are good but too advanced and complicated. This forum alone took me a day to setup a forum section, a download section, a bad-ass theme, member groups, etc. Q. This Invision is a lot different than before, like how do I want to edit a topic or post? A. See the "..." at the right side of the blue-grayish box? Click on that and it shows the section where you can edit. It also shows where you can report a post/topic, or share or recommend to anyone about said post/topic. Q. How do I can quickly PM a member while in a thread? A. Hover in a member's avatar or name, and it'll show you a box where you can message that member; you can also send reputation points, find more content, and ignore a member, which would mean, unless you un-ignore him/her, you'll no longer see his/her posts. Q. Pretty sleek looking wysiwyg editor, but it feels like something's missing? A. That's because it is, and I tried so hard how to get certain things I want in but after several days I just said fuck it. If you're a fan of bbcode, it's still there, but you'll have to manually input them....although you can also use html code as well. -- That and none of the ckeditor plugins I already put in the plugins directory fucking works, so I dunno what the fuck I'm doing, and screwing up the .js files of config or ckeditor would make the editor disappear. Finally spent several days trying to figure out why the re-size thing wouldn't work; the skin it was in had an opacity of 0. Q. What features does this editor have? A. Typing @ and then the name of a member (no spaces between @ and name of member), useful if you're making a long post and want to inform a part of it to a particular person or quote something he/she said; there's also a tables button, a spoiler button, and a preview button (you should have some knowledge of using them), and there's a hide feature which is only bbcoded ["hide"]["/hide"] without the quotations. I'm always looking to add more to beef up your posting capabilities. Q. I like this forum and want to apply for Moderator or Global Moderator status! How can I-- A. Wait, stop right there. Only I can appoint who should be staff as I see the most deserving. How to be that deserving? By following the rules, be an active member of the community, help others, and contribute. Begging to be one won't work because that would just be a sign to me that I can't trust you. If you want to be staff you'll know it from me, and time is virtue. Spoiler Now, right now, because I just started this forum, I am going to need 1 Global Moderator and 2 to 3 Moderators from the get go, so PM me for an interview. Your PM message must include: -Your e-mail (in case I use that to reply) -Experience of Admin/Mod in other sites -Why you should be GM/Mod -What others think of you while in staff So, as of right now, I am recruiting people to be mod/global/admin, and there are applications out there now. For the time being you can apply for a position and fill out what's need with great detail. I needed this done since this is a starting community, once they're filled and people are staffed, there'll be no more applications. Any future positions would have to be in the direct decision of the main admin. Q. Any hidden stuff here? A. Yes! Apart from the usual member downloads and my own separate downloads section, there is a section for V.I.Ps (or Donators in this case). If you have donated towards this site, you would be able to see a new downloads section for only other donators like you. Unlike the normal downloads section, where it's only anime and hentai stuff, the donators download section can be anything, even cracks/serials/warez as long as they're safe to use and no viruses found. Normal forum staff can access this place without having to donate, only because it's their jobs to moderate the site and make sure everyone's playing nice. Q. You have a Downloads section but I want to try uploading some of my stuff--- A. No. I only have that section up for my scans, and I'm the only one that can upload there. You can feel free to download, give out comments, and reviews though. Q. I tried to manually download from the site, but a http error popped up... A. That, unfortunately, I have no idea how to deal with that, but if you have a download manager like Internet Download Manager or JDownloader, something along those lines, integrated with the browser you're using, the file should pop up. It is doesn't, I would try the alternative downloads that each item will have. They're all torrents, Filegator, h5ai, and OneDrive. I don't host them for free as I pay monthly for premium OneDrive and monthly for my FTP/seedbox that hosts the other three, so if you want to pitch in some $$$, just PM me and make sure you can send via PayPal or Xoom. Q. Any more questions? A. Yes. Soon...
  22. Club Rules Public Everyone can see the club and its posts, and can participate without joining. Private Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. Open Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Everyone can see the club and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. 1. Global Rules apply in clubs, just like in forums. 2. Only the club's leader can invite a member(s) to a private or closed club. He/she also makes the rules and regulations of his/her own club(s). He/she can also appoint moderators to his/her club. 3. Forum moderators and admins can still access open/closed/private clubs even without joining, but they're only there to moderate the global rules. The club leader is responsible of his/her club and has sole power of suspending and/or expelling member(s) who don't follow his/her club's rules.
  23. If you want to be a productive member of society (cough this forum cough), you'll have to follow some rules. If you've been to many forums, and I'm sure you have, then it's pretty self-explanatory or you at least have common sense. 1) Language - This is primarily an English-language forum. Please avoid making excessive posts in other languages. If you want to talk in some other language, that's what clubs and PMs are here for. 2) Flaming/Harassment of others - Do not flame others on the board. If you have something important to say whether it's positive or negative, you are free to say it, but don't be an asshole about it. 3) Regarding Offensive Images - This is an adult website forum, so we expect nudity and sex would be allowed. But there are some images which people may find offensive or disturbing, or some like scat and gore, which is degrading in itself. I strongly (and mandatorily) advise to use the spoiler function to hide such images. If this isn't done, staff may use discretion to remove that post. 4) Do not link to any site you have a vested interest in, unless that site has actual content. Banner farms are not content. Likewise, do not post any referral links, or links that go through revenue-generating sites that add no other value, like Usercash. (RapidShare, Megaupload and sites like that, which host the actual content, are OK.) Any money making scheme posts or other sucker bait = instaban. 5) You are not allowed to have more than one forums account at any given time. Furthermore, your account is yours and yours alone, and cannot be sold, given away, shared, or otherwise be used by other people. Violations of this rule can cause your account(s) to be closed and/or deleted without warning. 6) Post in the Appropriate Forum - Self explanatory. Mis-posted posts may be moved to the correct forum or deleted at the moderator's discretion. 7) Constant bumping of topics is not allowed. A "bump" is defined as just posting a message with the word "bump" or with the sole intention of moving a topic to the top of the forum while not contributing anything to it. Bumped topics may be closed or deleted at a moderator's discretion. 8 ) Absolutely NO real images of nude children, or child porn. That will result in an instaban real fast. MUST be hand-drawn or CGi, because reasons. 9) Images in signatures are maximum to 2, and a size of 200px height (width doesn't matter, although staff gets more). Images which could be disturbing, horrifying, or discontented are not allowed. Furthermore, any negativity of text in your signature will not be tolerated. 10) There should be absolutely no violations of people's privacy. This goes for everyone. Posting of or linking to any personally identifiable information like names, phone numbers, addresses, social network profiles and so on is strictly prohibited. This also applies for your own personal information. 11) You may appeal moderator punishments directly to an administrator, but persistent and extensive complaints about them, or insults targeting moderator and administrator staff, will lead to further bans, up to and including permanent expulsion from these forums. 12) Only the Admin, a.k.a me, can appoint Moderators and Global Moderators to people that I see fit or have experience in other forums. Begging to be one constantly is just a way of telling me you're not deserving for it, so don't do it. 13) This is not a codex that fully defines what you can and cannot do. Even if you are not in technical violation of a specific rule, if you go out of your way to be a nuisance, or your presence adds nothing but strife and negativity, staff may choose to remove you at their discretion.
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